Our Daily Bread and It was about time

Our daily bread and  Es war die Zeit.

Weimar 2007-2008

Our daily bread is a video piece (33′) dealing with the normalized act of reading a newspaper or watching the news, and how as passive viewers, we poison ourselves everyday without changing any facts.

While reading the news, some parts are taken and eaten. The text of the selected piece appears on the screen and fades away slowly until it is completely swallowed.

video frame

Es war die Zeit is a video installation at the K&K Kiosk. To watch the video inside the Kiosk, Our daily bread, one has to look through newspaper wholes. After a while one realizes that we are looking through the voids left by the action of eating the newspaper.

Irene Izquierdo_K & K_ Es war die Zeit-Marzo-2008

One thought on “Our Daily Bread and It was about time

  1. Heyhey,

    Nice blog ire and congratulation for the master.
    Now, i can call you masterin ;-)

    In france, evrything is fine:
    Marie is attempting her final exams too and I’m still working (waiting for holidays in august).

    See ya
    The absurd frenchies…

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