Sind sie Kasseler?

Sind Sie Kasseler?

Kassel 2007

In 2007, fascinated by the more than 300 images I had bought two years before in a second-hand shop for 3 euros in Kassel, I started a journey. I went back with the excuse of finding the unknown owner of the pictures. He is seen getting older from the 20’s to the 70’s, and from the 50’s on, in Kassel. I decided to follow the archaeology of the images, the information on the front and on the back of each picture, to get any clues regarding who that man could have been, while I went through the city I had lived in before without ever meeting any real Kasselers.

I went to the City archive, the Documenta archive, the Deutsche Bank main office, the house of one of his possible former friends (his wife told me so, but could not talk to him cause he was very sick), the Retro Paradis second hand shop, photography shops, the City Hall…  Most people I talked to were willing to help me but it turned to be impossible. The identity of this man still remains unknown to me.

Forgotten photographs were a tool that led me through a city full of places to discover and people to meet. They were given a new meaning beyond its original function.

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