Untitled for Lost or Found in Translation

Untitled, for Lost and Found in Translation.

Giessen 2007

A group of artists was invited by the DAAD to do a series of interventions at the University of Giessen during the Lost or Found in Translation conference. Everything happened in a weekend. We had the hard task of reaching our audience in between lectures.

My project consisted on reporting on my colleagues’ works and leave a trace of all what happened at the site. I printed the pictures and stuck them on the wall where the event happened and continued happening. The idea was to end up covering a large part of the walls with the images as the hours passed, but at one point the building manager made me take everything down. I had to find another solution. So I printed very small images that I stuck to the ground, in between the feet of the audience. I felt I was disturbing them.

People stepped on them and played little attention to what was happening. I questioned my own work in that particular place and if media would have any impact showing insignificant events. I accepted and enjoyed my little insignificant intervention that used photography as a non-valuable object.

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