Sala 8 Absurd Hiding

Absurd hiding in Sala 8 (Esperando que nada pase en 2 actos de 20 min) Valladolid, Spanien.2009

Trying to take the absurd hiding into other locations other than public space, I performed 2 acts of 20 min inside of the museum of contemporary art in Valladolid, Museo Patio Herreriano. By this I was trying to avoid behaving as a visitor, but being inside of the museum already turned me into a piece of art, whereas, when I performed absurd hiding in the streets, people were scared thinking I was crazy and even calling the police.

The documentation takes the form of a 20 min video piece in which we can read thoughts and questions on what occurs in the space due to my action.

Play video to watch the 1st min. of the action.

-At least no one will think that I am crazy or will call an ambulance.

-I’m trying not to be a visitor, but it seems impossible not to become something else.