Off-guard. KW, 1. OG. 6BB.

OFF-GUARD. KW 1.OG, BB6. 5’ 15’’ video piece / performance, 2010

In the summer 2010, I was one of the guards of the Berlin Biennale 6. During one of my shifts, I did a performance dismissing my duty as guard. The act consisted on facing one of the walls of the so called “White Cube” room (1st floor) in the KW Institute for Contemporary Art during 5 min, until my alarm clock rang.

The video piece consists of the documentation of this performance with text showing the compiled thoughts and observations about my condition as a performing guard, the visitors usual behaviour and the visitors turning into performers in this particular space in which there are no other works to look at. This video tries to blur the categorization of the 3 elements one can find in a museum or exhibition space: art, audience and guards.

This work has been supported by With Re-Guards; shown in July 2010 at the exhibition space of the Berlin Biennale Satellite Projects in Dresdenerstr. 14 and in December 2010 – January 2011 at the Fundación Antonio Saura in Cuenca, Spain, as part of the exhibition Ilusión y Realidad, invited by the Museo Patio Herreriano de Arte Contemporáneo Español, Valladolid, Spain.

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