Process Istitute: How to exist

Process Institute: How to Exist? (founding residency, March, April 2010)

As part of the group exhibition curated by Lisa Glauer Pushing the Elastic Cube, at Arttransponder, Berlin.

Web:Arttransponder- Process Institute:How to exist.

Process Institute, who are we?

The Artist Collective Process Institute was founded in April 2010 during a 4-week residency at the project space Art Transponder in Berlin. Since completing the MFA in Public Art at the Bauhaus University Weimar, Germany, the 4 members (Zoe Kreye, Canada; Irene Izquierdo, Spain; Carlos Leon-Xjimenez, Peru; Catherine Grau, Germany) came together with the common wish to work collaboratively and the common need of developing their own contexts to situate their artistic research and process-based, participatory public art. Having worked together in various project-based constellations for over 2 years, the first task at hand became to dedicate the one-month residency to a conscious approach of exploring and applying the questions of how and why to collaborate as an artist collective. Process Institute was born:

Process = art as an open, experimental and bottom-up approach to developing and embodying new modes of daily living, social relations and an active engagement within society

Institute = the need to produce new languages, methodologies, contexts and structures to position such approaches and projects

Approach / Philosophy

We have come together as an art collective because we believe in the potentials of collaborative models of societies and we want to actively explore, develop and test these models. We believe in an open exchange and sharing of knowledge to the benefit of a greater creativity. We believe in community and inclusion as a support system to our common struggles. As public artists we engage in contexts and act from and within the public. We create by fostering human engagement. Our process is based in social interaction and can turn out to be radical, subtle, playful, provocative, conversational, occupational, interventional, empowering. We want to demystify the artist and reintroduce art as a creative and political gesture related to everyday life, as a practice integrated into society, and as an accessible act. We consciously choose to work without a fixed space, instead developing work from within given situations, contexts and publics. We like to work with the recyclable resources of a given site/city or view the city itself as a resource.

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