The SART Visits Brighton

The SART visited Brighton in June 2010 invited by the Basement Arts Production.

The SART is a one member institution started by me, seeking collaboration of open minded individuals, who want to discover the new possibilities of action of different spaces and urban elements in the public sphere.

The SART conducts site specific researches in different cities around the World documenting spaces and urban elements that trigger an impulse for an action. On a second stage, it presents these possibilities of action in the form of a performance-lecture at a space that might be artistic, and seeks collaboration and wild imagination form the audience-participants. This process enables a vision of a city being re-discovered with new ways of being in it. The outcome of the different researches will be available in the Internet soon. The SART was born trying to reach an aware audience in an indoor space while speaking about the topics of my site-specific urban research.

Self-massaging wall found in Brighton:

A fence? or a structure for sun-tattoo pattern? Stand against it with no clothes 2 hours long on a sunny day.

Percussion instrument in Brighton’s urban space:

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