Art’s effect on a dead fly

Site-specific work as part of the Euro-Latin Performance Project in the Freies Museum, Berlin.

At the beginning of one night of performances at the Freies Museum, I noticed a dead fly on one windowsill. At the end of the evening I came back to the same place and to my surprise the dead fly was not there any more. I found it on the floor away from its original location. How could this have happened? I contemplated the next hypothesis: The dead fly came back to life for an instant to die again watching a performance during that evening.

Considering this, I felt responsible for the other dead insects of the room that would witness more performances the next day. Was it something desirable to resurrect for a moment to die again? Was art able of such a thing? I searched for all the dead creatures in that space, a total of 19, and planned on asking these questions to the audience the next evening.

At the beginning of the next performance evening, I distributed all dead insects in zip-log bags among the audience together with a form. I was giving them the responsibility of deciding if the insect should stay in that space or somewhere else, taking in consideration the resurrection hypothesis. After taking action they were asked to return the filled-in form in which they had to explain what they chose to do and why.


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