Process Institute: How to value / Experimenting Ring S-Bahn 42, Berlin

As part of the Euro-Latin Performance Project, curated by Harm Lux, Process Institute organized a collective 1h performance in 1 wagon of the circular line city train, number S 42. Each participant was given an individual task, some more spectacular, some totally subtle: Reading a financial magazine out loud, checking the advertisement of different supermarkets, doing accounting, trying to sell different objects contained in a tin-box, holding a “how-to value” flag, observe and write notes about the actions, distribute and play with photocopied money… After 1 hour performing (1h is the time the train needs to close the circle) the participants discussed in a cafe about their actions / feelings /peoples’ reactions. We decided to do this in order to keep the process of our improvisational experiments as flexible and open as possible.


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