Celebrating Hilton Square. Conversations in Silence part 2. Nairobi, Kenya

As part of Conversations in Silence  (a five month research project with Bauhaus University MFA alumni  and Kenyan artists hosted by the Goethe Institute in Nairobi 01.10.10-28.02.11) “Irene Izquierdo (ESP) worked site-specifically, choosing to commemorate a space rather than a time. Over the two weeks before the exhibition Irene visited Hilton Square daily, observing the way people interacted and did ‘business’. Perceiving this space as playing a unique role within the city, she orchestrated the performance ‘Celebrating Hilton Square’. This featured a selection of individuals from the square who honored the space in various ways including poems, songs and written texts. These have been collected in a small booklet which serves as a memory to the event, and a commemoration of the space.” Sam Hopkins

The work starts with favoring and helping perpetrate the intangible cultural heritage of the square by using the same strategies of making business and networking that occur there.

The installation consisted of the video documenting the event, towers of booklets and plants resembing the atmosphere at the so called “Hilton Square”.


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