Process Institute: Monument to living. Über Lebenskunst Klub #1

Collective task #1 at Über Lebenskunst Klub , HKW, Berlin 10.03.11:

How can we celebrate the reciprocal dependency of being?

ÜBER LEBENSKUNST created its Klub at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt. It is a platform that brings together numerous people who actively work for a sustainable world. The latest positions and strategies for the art of sustainable living (ÜBER LEBENSKUNST) are brought together there at the interface between art and cultural production, fashion, day-to-day research, civic involvement, architecture, sustainable design, urban gardening, environmental sciences, political activism and urban planning.

In this framework, Process Institute developed the 4 “Gemeinschaftsaufgaben” (collective tasks). These participatory tasks dealt with the motto of each Klub and offer challenges or unconventional goals to be done by the Klub participants. By this they experience physically and emotionally some of the discussed issues.

For Klub 1 Process Institute developed the Lebensmonument/Monument to living together with the Klub members.  How can something as a monument, static, dead and imposing in its definition be celebrating life? The participants became the structure of a living choreographed organism in which everybody was involved, interconnected and interdependent to make things happen.


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