Process Institute: No Comfort Land

Berlin, 30.06-01.07.2012

The Spreepark becomes inaccessible again and again, ever suspended out of reach. As its allure and the desire to conquer the its mysteries continue to grow on its boundary fence, Process Institute metaphorically reenacted the park in the surrounding forest of Plänterwald.

Over 48hrs we claimed our own land adjacent to the Spreepark, where we envisioned the dense forest as the fence, a forest clearing as the park land, and the Process Institute members as the amusement rides. Mirroring the parameters of the unattainable amusement park, No Comfort Land was founded as a secret performance, a land of possibilities. This secrecy enabled us to privately chart a territory that could support our desires to push for the extreme promises of the park (utopian dreams, fantasies of intensity, and no boundaries…). Within the confines of our self proclaimed Land we lead each other through exercises, rituals, play, stories, constructions, debates; all of which extended from the desire to get free and be together in new ways.

Meanwhile the ever present sound of children playing, techno music lulling and weekend strollers passing by reminded us that we were just meters away from our daily realities; pressing us to remember a free zone like No Comfort Land is always in reach but usually beyond our own rigid boundaries and need for social acceptance.

The private performance ended with a public tour of the traces left behind: the ruins of No Comfort Land. Members of the tour were invited to participate in a rhizomatic exercise of perception as a way of sharing the discovery of listening to the present.

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