Unfolding: letter to the future inhabitants of No Comfort Land

I don’t know you at all, but I think that we might be somehow related. Maybe the fact that we all have two legs and two arms… (hmmm… I don’t know how you manage to survive only with one mouth, though).

I came here with my brain and my soul. The journey was long and entertaining. Or maybe short and painful. I am not sure. It was not easy to reach the maturity to make this trip. Maybe your journey was different. I needed to pass some tests that nobody imposed on me. The first test was to stop wanting to become; the second, was to do things out of love; and the third one, to forget that life is temporary (it actually isn’t). Only then could I return to the beginning, to the precious corner where language nor self-consciousness existed; to the place where there was neither a you, nor an I.
Is that freedom?

Ahhh… time! What a complex thing. Talking about returns and temporality… I am constantly traveling in time, in a never-ending present. In fact, past, present and future blend. Time is always. What happened yesterday, what happened a thousand years ago, and what will happen in a million years, is actually happening at the same time. The now is just the awareness of this instant, as if we just stopped the lifetime filmstrip for a second. A second that is also an infinite unit…
I won’t fight time, I can’t win.

Back to my trip, I must say that I didn’t mind the journey. We needed to learn to speak and behave in society, this society, one society. We needed to understand the constructions that have ruled our ways to be able to unlearn them. To be the doers of our lives. To decide on the how and the why. At least, we know that we could do this if we wanted. The challenge will be, to invent a how and a why, to create our own meaning.

Once, I thought that what I needed, to be more myself was to follow my desires. This idea made sense, until I realized that I had also learned those desires. “Crap!” I thought. But then a whole new world opened up: the exciting and scary world of “what has never been thought of”. Think about it: so much is possible, that it is actually overwhelming.

However confusing this might sound, there will be nothing as joyful and simultaneously painful as jumping deep into uncertainty. Forget what you have learned. Be ready for discovery, feeling alive and connected.

Here we are. I like it in here. Look at each other. This is our secret. Let’s create a space for being, space for understanding. We can be the seed of a bigger dream. Let’s play with all the options we never thought of. Let’s be.

First, we’ll find out how to unfold and multiply your mouths. And after that, nobody knows. We shall see…

5 thoughts on “Unfolding: letter to the future inhabitants of No Comfort Land

  1. Wow Irene, this is beautiful, poignant, and very impressive. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank you for this amazing piece of meaning and this delicious smell of vivid wisdom.
    We are one. :)

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