todas mis sillas

I saw a chair from the balcony
I was talking to my aunt on the phone
while I told her my life
I decided to go down to see the chair
when I got there, it was gone
then, I headed towards Lidl
and there, I bought a 5 euro dress

All my chairs are found ones
In Berlin, you can furnish your home
with found furniture
I found tables, shelves, chairs, lamps, plates…
Berlin, Berlin, Berlin

Hi aunt! How are you? I’m fine. How is everything? Fine, everything is fine. The weather is hot… I’m here in the balcony working a little. I’m good. I’m a bit sad because many friends leave. Well, some are gone already. Fernando leaves tomorrow. He is going to Taiwan to dance in a festival and afterwards he’ll move to Görlitz because he’s got a working contract there. It is 2 hours away from Berlin. Andrea is in Colombia, Aurelie and Niv are in France, Catherine and Zoe are in Holland doing a project and afterwards they’ll go to India, Canada, and what else… But oh well… There are more…
Berlin is full of people… and furniture.

(To all my dear friends, the old ones, and the ones to come. All of you are and will be irreplaceable.)

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