Floating Stone


Exhibit Room 2 View




Cephalonia Church
Floating Stone
B/W Photography installation, 75 x 74 x 120 cm aprox.

50 meters away from the exhibition space, 4 capitals (column tops) without columns hold no weight except for the memory of the earthquake that devastated Lixouri in 1953. Situated at the entrance of the new church, at a hight where everyone can see them and touch them, they are one of the few architectural remains from that time still visible today. Their new task is remembrance.

3 black and white images of 2 sides and the top of one of the column capitals (on size, bigger than the real object), coexist on a corner next to the high ceiling of the back room of the exhibition space. The bidimensional photographies create a three dimensional (des) illusion. The object is closer to its original location and function but the top is showing. This floating illusion can’t hold any weight either. There is no intention of hiding the impossible.

Floating Stone can be seen this summer at the freshly opened Heterotopia Exhibition Space, Kefalonia, Greece, with photography works by Pantelis Pipergias Analytis, Sebastian Backhaus and Nasos Karabelas.

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