Frame Animation Ulysses and the Sirens


(Or how to make a film about nails to break the habit of biting our nails)

Irene and Pantelis stopped biting the nails for a period of 5 months. They tried many different tricks: “Stop n’ Grow”, the famous bitter product, that should make one avoid putting their fingers in their mouth; getting their nails done; playing with kombolois, also called worry beads, which are string beads toys from Greece, said to help fighting anxiety; substituting their nail-biting fixation with chewing-gum and tooth-picks… But what really made it all work was the mutual determination to carry on making this film together and the commitment a future audience.

To make Nails, they met several individuals with different backgrounds to collect thoughts and perspectives on nails, and to find out what fingernails mean to them. What are fingernails and what do they tell us about someone’s personality or occupation? What stereotypes do nails carry? What do they symbolize? And what can a doctor read on your nails? Every interviewee was a witness of this self-control process, and every new enquiry made it easier for the artists to commit to their initial goal. The resulting film is a short documentary with “talking hands” interviews, animation and other nail-related footage collected from november 2012 to april 2013.

This film was produced and directed as a mean of self control. It fulfilled its purpose and helped breaking the habit. Will it continue to work in that way now that it’s over?

Nails was part of “Restraining Order. The Art of Self-Control”, a group exhibition in the Einstein Forum, Potsdam, 23.04.13-30.06.13, and Screened at Kino Zukunft, Berlin on 11.07.13.

Concept and Direction: Irene Izquierdo, Pantelis Pipergias Analytis
Camera: Irene Izquierdo, Pantelis Pipergias Analytis
Animation and Graphics: Irene Izquierdo
Editing: Irene Izquierdo
Music: Tobias Giezendanner

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