We disappear

We disappear

Documentary, 11 min

Berlin 2016

Director: Irene Izquierdo

Camera: Irene Izquierdo & Mireia Guzmán Sanjaume

Direct Sound: David Picard, Pantelis Pipergias Analytis, Irene Izquierdo

Editing / Sound Mix / Postproduction: Irene Izquierdo

Sound Mastering: Steffen Sennert at Sugar Lab Studios Berlin


A group of 13 Berliners gathers at the entrance of a cemetery one quiet gray summer Sunday morning. They are about to start a 2 hour tour to watch some of the thirty-three species of birds that live there. Minutes later they seem to be at the most exciting natural park on Earth, without noticing, they are also being watched…

1 irene izquierdo wir verschwinden0 irene izquierdo wir verschwinden2 irene izquierdo wir verschwinden3 irene izquierdo wir verschwinden

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