TOUCH: radio healing-experience

Estman Radio Berlin (with Marinella Senatore)
Sound/performance, Insitu, Berlin, 2014  – collaboration with Zoe Kreye
Zoe Kreye, a long time collaborator from the Process Institute, invited me to produced a sound piece with her, in which we would explored touch on the radio. I had recently broken five ribs so we decided to focus on self-healing. We used our hands to navigate and prompt each others bodies with a contact mic, in an attempt to explore visions and sensations of the inner lives of our bodies. We employed a variety of other tools: xray analyses, prescriptions, medical diagnoses, rice cakes, iron pills, ukulele, xylophone and several books on Dorothy Iannone, and the menses cycle. We used objects (tools) from our lives. It was playful, improvised and intimate; it was as visually performative as it was audible. We were left with a genuine interest in how we can bring healing into our relationships and daily routines and how to make sense of the disconnection western medicine creates with our bodies.
touch zoe irene mic Gamografía Irene Zoe Radio Estman Touch Radio Estman Touch Zoe Irene

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