CV / Contact

Irene Izquierdo 

1982 Valladolid, Spain · Lives in Berlin / Valladolid
Member and co-founder of the artist collective Process Institute · ·


2012-16 filmArche, Self-organized film school. Berlin, Germany. Documentary Direction.
2006-08 Bauhaus-Universität Weimar, Germany. MFA: Art in Public Space and New Artistic Strategies.
2005-06 Universidad de Valladolid, Spain. Pedagogical Aptitude Certificate in Visual Arts.
2004-05 Kunsthochschule Kassel, Germany. Visiting exchange student.
2000-05 Universidad de Salamanca, Spain. Fine Arts licentiate degree.

Awards & Recognitions

2011 Grant of the Spanish Ministry of Culture & AECID for the internationalization of Spanish culture abroad.
2008 Castilla y León Young Artists Award, Spain. 2nd prize for El Pan Nuestro de Cada Día.
2006-08 DAAD and Foundación La Caixa scholarship for postgraduate studies in Germany.
2004 XX Fundación Caja de Burgos Young Artists Award. Honorable Mention. Burgos, Spain.
2004 VI Salamanca Monumental Painting Award. Honorable Mention. Fundación La Gaceta. Salamanca, Spain.
2003 VIII Fundación Gaceta Regional Painting Award. Selected work for exhibition. Salamanca, Spain.
2002 XIX San Pedro Regalado Painting Award. Selected painting for exhibition. Valladolid, Spain.


2016 We Disappear. Documentary, 11. min. Script, Direction, Camera, Sound Mix, Editing

2016 Mevla. Documentary, 50 min. Sound Design (Direction: Mireia Guzmán) filmArche (In postproduction)

2015 Enough. Documentary, 12 min. Script, Co-Direction, Camera, Editing. filmArche + Roma Trial e.V.

2014 Toki Pona Documentary, 15 min. Camera. (Director: Pantelis Pipergias Analytis) filmArche (In postproduction)

2013 The day we killed time. Documentary, 9 min. Script, Direction, Editing. FilmArche.

2013 The Emotionals. Video, 5 min. Script, Camera, Direction, Music, Editing.

2013 Nails. Documentary + Animation, 9 min. Co-direction with Pantelis Pipergias Analytis, Camera, Editing and Animation. filmArche

2013 We are all together now. Documentary, 11 Min. Direct Sound (Director: Francesca Bertin) filmArche

2012 Martin. Video, 6 min. Script, Direction, Performance, Editing.


2013 The Green Fields, Leipzig. Research Residency.
2011 Kenya National Museum, Nairobi. The Proud, The Shy and The Angry: many (Hi)stories, one Museum. Project & workshop concept, organization and facilitation. September / October 2011.
2010-11 Goethe Institute Nairobi. Conversations in Silence. Research, public art project and exhibition.
2009 Skol, Centre des Arts Actuels. Viva! Art Action. Performance Festival. Montreal, Canada.
2004 VIII Xavier Pousa Painting Residency. Mondariz-Balneario Foundation. Pontevedra, Spain.

Exhibitions, Screenings & Projects

2014 Creadores Íntimos. Collective exhibition. Sala de las Francesas, Valladolid, Spain.
2013 Restraining Order. The Art of Self-Control. Einstein Forum, Potsdam.
2013 Kino Zukunft, Screening “Nails”.
2013 Heterotopia Project Space. Lixoury, Greece.
2012 Paisajes Improbables. Travelling collective exhibition curated by Víctor del Río. Galeria do Paço da Cultura, Guarda, Portugal (Current). Iglesia del Monasterio de Ntra. Sra. De Prado, Valladolid / Casa de las Conchas, Salamanca / Museo de León, León. Spain.
2012 Kulturpark. No Comfort Land. Plänterwald, Berlin. Process Institute.
2012 Cross Senses. 3 month collaborations artists /synesthetes & exhibition. Panke e.V., Berlin. Curator: Larissa Wunderlich.
2012 Día Internacional del Videoarte. Screening “Martin” and “Tropical Scapes” at Espacio Joven, Valladolid, Spain.
2012 The Proud, The Shy and The Angry: many (Hi)stories, one Museum. Kenya National Museum, Nairobi.
2011 Über Lebenskunst Klub Collective Tasks. House of World Cultures, Berlin. Process Institute. Curator: Paula Hildebrandt.
2011 Conversations in Silence. Goethe Institute Nairobi, Kenya. Celebrating Hilton Square. 5 month research, site-specific project & collective exhibition. Curated by Sam Hopkins.
2011 Ilusión y Realidad. Museo Patio Herreriano, Valladolid, Spain.
2010 The Basement. Brighton, UK. The SART visits Brighton. Site-specific project /performance-lecture.
2010 Euro-Latin Performance Project. Freies Museum and S-bahn 42, Berlin. Curated by Harm Lux.
2010 With Re-Guards: Satellite Project of the Berlin Biennale 6. Berlin, Germany.
2010 Process Institute: Freie Klasse Weimar. Self-organized exchange / learning platform. Weimar, Germany.
2010 Pushing the Elastic Cube, Art Transponder. Berlin. Process Institute: How to Exist. Curator: Lisa Glauer.
2009 Viva! Art Action, performance festival. Skol, Centre des Arts Actuels. Montreal. Curator: Karen Elaine Spencer.
2009 Rolling as a form of traversing. Site-specific performance. Saint Catherine Street, Montreal, Canada.
2009 Sala 8_Absurd hiding. Museo Patio Herreriano, Valladolid, Spain. Site-specific performance.
2009 Ilusión y Realidad. Travelling exhibition. Salama Unamuno. Salamanca, Spain. / Palacio Medrano. Ciudad Real, Spain / Sala Borrón. Oviedo. / Sala de exposiciones del Instituto Riojano de la Juventud. Logroño, Spain.
2009 Künstler, erklärt Euch solidarisch mit der Kunst! Marke.6, Neues Museum, Weimar.
2008 Anonimous Drawings at Blütenweiss at Meinblau e.V. Collective drawings exhibition. Berlin, Germany.
2008 K&K Kiosk. Es war die Zeit. Site specific video installation, Weimar, Germany.
2008 Waiting for Nothing to Happen. Master Thesis Research and Project. Weimar, Germany.
2007 Unser tägliches Brot. Weimar Train station, Weimar, Germany. Site-specific performance.
2007 Sind Sie Kasseler? Diverse locations, Kassel.
2007 The Travels of Carla Lewis, Van-de-Velde Bau, Bauhaus-Uni, Weimar, Germany.
2007 Loose Contact, Jenaer Kunstverein. All the Places that Won’t Work. Site-specific project &exhibit. Jena.
2007 Lost and Found in Translation. Site-specific interventions/DAAD conference. Uni-Giessen .
2005 Strangers Family Album. Project in public transportation. Kassel, Germany.
2004 EXIT. Espacio expositivo Raza Records. Valladolid, Spain.

Other Related Professional Experience

2016 Kids Film workshop: Advertisement for the future smartphone. FEZ. Collaboration with Hanna Prenzel

2014-16 Tutor for ASA Programm / Engagement Global gGmbH.
2011 Workshop: Walk the line. Unit Trip, Plymouth University School of Architecture Design and Environment in Berlin. Collaboration with Andrea Acosta.
2011 Artist Talk. Goethe Institute Nairobi, Kenya.
2011 Artist Talk. Spanish Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya.
2011 Workshop. Re-enacting paintings. Grades 7 to 8. BBIS, Berlin, Germany.
2010 Guest-Lecturer. Media Department, Bauhaus University Weimar, Germany.
2010 Workshop. Performance-games. Grades 1 to 6. FEZ, Berlin, Germany.
2010 Co-founder of Process Institute. Arts collective and mobile platform for testing social / spatial possibilities.
2009 Artist Talk. Skol, Centre des Artes Actuels, Montreal, Canada.
2006 Artist Assistant. Dibujando América, Raimon Chaves and Gilda Mantilla. Museo Patio Herreriano, Valladolid, Spain.
2005 Artist Assistant. Gran Favela y ocho emisiones de radio, Jesús Palomino. Museo Patio Herreriano, Valladolid.

Attended Workshops / Courses

2013-14 Methodik und Didaktik in der Kunst- und Kulturvermittlung. ArtWert, WeTeK Berlin GmbH. 96 h.
2013 Theory and Practices of Space. Architecture Design Innovation Program at the Technische Universität, Berlin.
2013 Remembering The Body, Movement Ritual and Dance Explorations. Anna Halprin. San Francisco.
2013 Authentic Movement Dance Therapy Workshop. Tannis Hugill. Vancouver.
2013 Spielarten des Dokumentarischen – Neues aus einem alten Genre, by Grit Lemke. 16h. FilmArche e.V., Berlin.
2013 Avantgarde Film, by Paul Prendergast. 16h. FilmArche e.V., Berlin.
2013 Licht_sehen_und_verstehen, by Jakobine Motz. 16h. FilmArche e.V., Berlin.
2009 Performance Workshop by Collective Tou Va. Montreal, Canada.
2009 Contemporary Dance Workshop by Brenda Waite: Urban Dance Adventures. Berlin, Germany.
2008 Artist Workshop by Luis Bisbe. La Casa Encendida, Madrid, Spain.
2006 Artist Workshop by Santiago Cirugeda: Situaciones Urbanas. Eutopía 06, Córdoba, Spain.
2004 Artist Workshop by Dora García: Producción 0 o menos aún. MPH, Valladolid, Spain.
2003 Artist Workshop by Jordi Colomer: 4 sitios + 4 acciones = 4 situaciones. MPH, Valladolid, Spain.

Work in Collections

Junta de Castilla y León. Spain.
Fundación Caja de Burgos. Burgos, Spain.
Fundación Mondariz-Balneario. Pontevedra, Spain.
Fine Arts Faculty / Salamanca University. Spain.

Ressources online Freie Klasse Weimar blog. Über Lebenskunst Klub. Process Institute. Conversations in Silence. The Process Institute: How to Exist. Karen Spencer on my work Künstler erklärt euch Solidärisch mit der Kunst! Marke.6. LOOM Photo-magazine, 2007. Issue #3: Places of Crime, published work

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