Teaching & Participation
8 November 2018

After graduating from Fine Arts at the University of Salamanca, I obtained a Pedagogical Aptitude Certificate at the University of Valladolid.

After that I expanded my -back then- object based artistic practice with public art interventions and participatory projects, and went to study the MFA Art in Public Space and New Artistic Strategies in Weimar. After this and with the same goal in mind, I co-founded the collective Process Institute.

Moved by an interest in observing and documenting contexts and processes I studied documentary direction at the filmArche in Berlin, the self-organized film school where, on top of learning about film-making, one also learns and practices how to teach one another and cooperate on a regular basis.

During this time I also worked as a global learning tutor, guiding the self-reflection processes of groups of young adults learning about anti-racism, colonialism and feminism.

In the last years I have facilitated workshops and taught on the topics of filmmaking, art and photography in different contexts.

Since 2018 I  teach documentary filmmaking at the filmArche as external staff, guide documentary students through the development of their projects, and give workshops on self-organization and non-violent communication.

Besides mentoring students in the process of their film projects -which I love-, my current interest leans towards developing workshops that combine practical filmmaking skills with intersectional feminist topics and/or use filmaking as a tool for self-discorvery and self-affirmation.

>>>> Here is a reduced selection of workshops of the last years due to confidentiality reasons:

Film making workshop for adults
part of Act-Document-Inspire
Funded by Erasmus+
Berlin 2018

4 day practical Film Making Workshop for 17 Youth Workers from all over the world. The aim was to create audiovisual material on migration and social issues. 3 short videos were made.

Together with Thabo Tindi.


START SommerCampUS
Film making workshop for teens and young adults
for STARTStiftung
St. Peter-Ording 2017

17 participants create 3 trailers for imaginary films from scratch in one week.

Future Smartphone
Film workshop for kids
KinderFilmWerkstatt at FEZ Berlin, 2016

4 day Film Making and Media Manipulation Awareness Workshop for kids (10-11 years old). While conceiving and making their own advertisement video (a smartphone that can mute people, make other people clean up for you, or even stop time!), kids learnt about the manipulative power of images, storytelling and music in advertisement and film.

Collaboration with Hanna Prenzel