Other Works

“Es war die Zeit” Site specific video installation at K&K Kiosk, Weimar, Germany, 2008
“Floating Stone”
Art in context – Installation, photography. Kephalonia, Greece, 2013
“Coincidental plastic”, Spontaneous intervention and photography, 2011
“Sung Diary – Diario Cantado” Video-still.
Improvised series of songs and videos about everyday situations. Berlin 2014
Watch and listen here.
“Scenes of a process”
Installation (Text and photography) about 10 situations lived while doing a project in Nairobi, Kenya, 2012
“Awareness Meeting”, objects used during a workshop about awareness and photography, 2015
“Art’s effect on a dead fly”
Lecture-Performance, Euro Latin Performance Tour, Berlin 2011
“Montreal Absurd Hiding”
Site specific durational performance and installation. VIVA Performance Festival, Montreal, 2009
“Celebrating Hilton Square”
Participatory project in public space and video installation, as part of “Conversation in Silence”, Goethe Institut, Nairobi, Kenya 2011